Life after Death

How frequent do you hear some news of death- in your close circles, outer circles, in society and newspapers? On an average, there is 1 death per 0.5 sec and around 6000 deaths per day. A good number of souls depart their bodies and leave the present dimension where we are still alive experiencing our basic five senses. Biologically, it’s just another process in a cycle which every living thing has to pass through, where all the metabolisms in the organism stops, breathing stops and the last molecule of Oxygen escapes the body. But, this ‘Science of Life’ cannot still completely describe all the Life it talks about. The person (referring specifically to humans here) when dies, an identity, a personality, a future, a career, an idea, a dream, a hope and a Life dies and ends with it forever. That is a dead-end, no more to go, nowhere to turn around. So things have to be buried in the soil forever, under those last footsteps and must be forgotten else Time makes that happen for the remaining Life on this Earth. With time the remains fade away with difficulty, but soon there will be no remarks on that dead-end. And who knows, with time the dead-end no more remains an end?

Within the frame of the identity that disappears, things in the present dimensions are the simplest as the complexity dies along with its originator, the Mind. Now considering the frame of the present dimension where Life exists, Life lives and with Time, as always, moves on. Our Lives are simple. We don’t cease to live with a death incident. Considering natural deaths, where the mind slowly accustoms to the fact that some connections have to be stopped, that the absence will soon be a routine but will get filled with another presence with time, things are still to an extent simple. Considering that ‘emotional root’- the Heart, it remains heavy for a little more time, but eventually, even this gets used to the absence. What is more difficult is a sudden death, which occurs as a hard blow to the senses that one’s Mind and Heart cannot absorb and it leads to a trauma. In few cases, this trauma may lead to another death, another dead-end, but in most, it is a deep scar that takes almost a life-time to heal. Even if not healed, the Lives still move on. The point is, what makes one step over the fresh bleeding and paining wounds, crush hard the red flesh bulging out over the skinny bones with the thorny soles and make this Life move on? What is this so cruel element, which is so majestically powerful that it makes a soul lifeless but still keeps the flame burning? People talk about God, it is where He comes. God is not only someone who will just always do good, He is not someone who will always be there beside you. He is someone, who is more powerful than you, someone who will make you kneel down and beg in front of Him, who has the power to break you down, shatter you into millions of pieces  and at the same time brings heaven to your range. This is what God is, whom you can never understand, who has no reasons, no questions and no answers.

It’s not just the first time I heard some news of sudden death. Considering the average death rate it is very frequent to come across such news. Just this one made me think over it again. There is this young beautiful woman, preparing for her sister’s marriage, with her sister sitting beside her. She only knows that her husband met an accident and is serious in a hospital. She is calm, patient, staring at the blank sky and praying in her heart for his life, waiting for him to come back. All the cable wires were cut down, newspapers were stopped so that no news could reach that premises, because everyone else present there, including her sister, knew that her husband died ten days ago burning himself in an act to rescue a ship worker. He is dead and there is nothing much interesting left in this story except that from now on, she will be living her life, searching and making her ways through a dead-end.



Someday, someone gave me the news that they found their true love and are now the most happiest together. At the same time, I saw the faintest silver lining for someone to find love disappearing into the darkness in the ugliest way possible. I was the one to choose whether to feel happy or sad.

The afternoon sky that day was deep and transparent blue; the crystal blue sky filled with freshness and purity. It was after a very long time I saw an inexplicably beautiful evening sky with all possible combinations of blue, orange, pink and black. I stood looking the horizon for long, just staring at the sky. I could see the colours growing dark, blending in dusky blue with ease. I suddenly found it difficult to see them amalgamate. A strange feeling made me uncomfortable, but I stood there. I wanted to see the night coming. I wanted to know why

the evening greeted it happily. I stood. Slowly the colours were gone and the pure black night came with peace, bringing all the power to engulf every single ray. It seemed that the night sharply cuts through the time, slowly, mingling the pain with the joy so there is no screaming, no noise and the silence prevails. Then what do you do? Close your eyes to everything around you, to everything that happened with you that day, to everything you think and feel, to whatever you did or wanted to do. You close your eyes and go to sleep to a land that you own, where nothing from past or future can enter and where you forget what the present is. You go to a deep sleep, sometimes without even knowing when you will wake up and without making any plans for tomorrow.

And then, you open your eyes after a very long time and see the sunshine, making everything around you shimmer. The morning came far long back when you were sleeping. You didn’t noticed when the first ray of that day brightened your eyes and whispered in your ears to wake up. You see the light approaching now as it’s everywhere. You want to stand in front of the window to see the sun. You try to gather all the strength to realize that this is a new day with a new beginning, that this is a new start and that you have to move on today. You move on. It will be difficult to collect the broken pieces of hope, to join them together and fit yourself into the suit, but you will do it sometime and you will move on. Again you will live through the day and night. You will look up at the sky sometimes and sometimes you will close your eyes but you will still move on. I figured out soon that this is what life is all about. Nothing remains forever, nor the day and nor the night. You just experience, learn, act and move on.

I will mention two lines from one of my favourite ghazal, though I found of no use even if understood, as no one can help in making them ever come true. But, if faith and hope are all holding this life, there is no harm in living by them.

“Jin charaagon ko hawaon ka koi khauf nahi,

Un charaagon ko hawaon se bachaya jaye…”