Story of a Two Year Old Jeans

It was two years ago when the blue denim jeans was purchased, fresh from the showroom, packed in a smooth shining black plastic cover. It traveled all the way long in that bag on the roads to Delhi and then 36000 feet above the earth in the sky to finally reach a cozy city in Germany, just to be kept into the cupboard packed for two years. It was never worn. Only after a year the owner took the pain to take it out of its homely bag, just to keep it back again at the same place inside the cupboard. It was in darkness, except for few moments when light would creep in as the cupboard’s door opened. The jeans became a dream, only a wish to be fulfilled someday, all that the day never came for two years until today.

Today the true journey for the jeans started, to fulfill its destiny of getting worn and rugged. It breadth the fresh air for the first time in two long years. For the first time it felt the cold, the sun shine and shimmering of the frost. For the first time it felt the touch of dew drops. There was pride and relief, as the happiness prevailed through the denim followed by serenity.

I was happy because I finally did it, got what I wanted. I now know the I am in the right direction because I achieved a goal I had set. I finally lost it!