Story of a Two Year Old Jeans

It was two years ago when the blue denim jeans was purchased, fresh from the showroom, packed in a smooth shining black plastic cover. It traveled all the way long in that bag on the roads to Delhi and then 36000 feet above the earth in the sky to finally reach a cozy city in Germany, just to be kept into the cupboard packed for two years. It was never worn. Only after a year the owner took the pain to take it out of its homely bag, just to keep it back again at the same place inside the cupboard. It was in darkness, except for few moments when light would creep in as the cupboard’s door opened. The jeans became a dream, only a wish to be fulfilled someday, all that the day never came for two years until today.

Today the true journey for the jeans started, to fulfill its destiny of getting worn and rugged. It breadth the fresh air for the first time in two long years. For the first time it felt the cold, the sun shine and shimmering of the frost. For the first time it felt the touch of dew drops. There was pride and relief, as the happiness prevailed through the denim followed by serenity.

I was happy because I finally did it, got what I wanted. I now know the I am in the right direction because I achieved a goal I had set. I finally lost it!



Who says dreams don’t come true? If not for everyone, at least for those who strive for it or dream hard enough, they do. Call it a coincidence or give it to your negligence as a destiny, but if you really know it deep inside, you’ll know what I mean.

Sometimes, examples suffice the explanations and reasonings. And pictures speak themselves. So here it goes.

This is a picture of University of Bonn that I saw somewhere around September 2011.


This picture I saw when I was looking for images of University of Bonn on Google, where I was applying for a PhD position. The first thing I uttered when I looked at it was- ‘Oh! So I will have to live in this much snow!’ The reason I chose this place was one of my dreams to study about the tiny particles around and inside us. Why America was never in my list, there is no strong reasoning to it but I know one thing for sure, that till this time, I never felt an urge to go there.

Today, I clicked this.


So now you know. Though the pictures are not exactly the same as I chose a bright sunny day for photographing, but apart from the dull grey snowy sky and the two big trees inside the frame of the previous picture, rest all things are the same. Sometimes, little things bring great happiness to you. And at those special times, feelings that leave your soul silent, even if for few minutes, are inexpressible in words.

Well, it is already -8 degrees and enough of snow all around. It’s freezing cold outside. I love those inexpressible moments and if you also encounter them, cherish their beauties and live them till eternity.

Sundown Thoughts

It is a beautiful scenery outside my window. Green trees with some orange leaves, adding a bliss to the golden evening, is a view that I once wished to see through my naked eyes. It gets cold here when sun falls down but during daytime when sun shines up on the sky, it is a soothing pretty weather; warm with cool breezes blowing. And during such days when it is not raining, the evenings are just splendid. When falling sun’s rays fall on the trees, their leaves leave a golden glow, shining with those white clouds in the perfect background of the clear blue sky. And of course, a cup of nice brown coffee being sipped while sitting at the window and absorbing these beautiful revelations of nature, is all that you can wish for on some peaceful autumn days.
So what more can you wish for? This is a real tricky question I think. When you are given everything that you can ever dream of, all you can do is simply look up at the silent, calm and fresh blue sky and smile. This life, this world, then seems so beautiful. Every wish when it comes true, be it getting a scholarship to pursue your dream career and to study one of the most fascinating subjects or to write your all these thoughts with a beautiful fountain pen, these little and big wishes when come true justify your time on this earth and paint your life with all the colors that exist. So I smile, when I see my another wish of listening to some of my favorite numbers on Philips sound system coming true and then relaxing in peace. What more can you wish for but a simple, peaceful and just a beautiful Life!


(June 2000)

I always hear my father saying that earning is easy but spending it, justifying its true value, is the most difficult thing to do. So, he would always pay attention to the best he could buy or make from what he had. He would go for the best things, whatever they may be, including vegetables, even if they were relatively costly. Vegetable market was always a place I would love to go if got a chance, especially alone or with a person who wants to buy some fresh and the best stuff. I like going to vegetable and fruit markets because there you see, smell and touch the beautiful, fresh and colorful vegetables scattered all around. It gives me some happiness and excitement when I see heaps of carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and beautifully decorated baskets of lemons with garlic, ginger and green chillies sharing their own places beside. Fresh smell of oranges, apples and green grapes packed in boxes and the shop decorated with tens of them. It always gave me a pleasure to visit this “Mandi” and I was surprised when I heard people saying that they hate going to this great place. It was more fun for me because I just watched everything around me and learned a bit from my father about taking care of my stuff, asking the rates and moving towards the best and out of the best, picking up the healthiest of the vegetables for me. I noticed that it’s not that easy what it seemed. Because I found how difficult it is to choose the best fruits and vegetables and what are the tips to be followed. Strange is the thing that very few people pay attention to this daily activity they do in their lives, to the stuff they consume regularly when they know that this is what is the source of their energy. In middle class families, a good part of monthly expenditure goes to only vegetables and fruits. So, if you spend a huge sum on it, you better spend it wisely so that you stay healthy.

It was just another summer evening when I was as excited as always in the vibrant and noisy market. After buying the required vegetables, especially mushrooms on my demand (this was what I liked!), our next destination was fruit market. And the best part today was: Mangoes. A very special variety of this fruit, “Kalmi”, famous for its very strong and sweet smell, is always awaited throughout the season. So as soon as it arrives in the market, there is no chance one could lose to have it at once. I was lost in that sweet smell all around me and the beautiful yellow-green decorations all over, ignoring the fact that there were cows waiting to grab the rotten ones thrown by the vendor beside his stall. And in no time I was in front of the best we could get there. I always tried to pick one good-looking piece and put it in our packet but every time I was suggested to just watch instead of helping.

I looked around and that was another reason I found why I went to these markets because here you see something, unusual to your life, which arouses your conscience to bring a change for the betterment of your society and environment. Beside this stall, was another hawker who had some stale mangoes and most of them were not in a state that we could even offer them to the cattle nearby. I would have preferred them inside a bin. I was wondering why he even had them here. He knew some people will buy them. But I could not even imagine that there can be anyone who could spend his precious money to buy something which is not even worth it. All ragged was a woman with around a six-month old on her shoulder, a year or older boy clinging to her sari whose colour I could not recognize under the mud and dust which covered it all over, and other two girls of nearly same age (around five or six) standing around her, looking and luring for those deserted mangoes. I don’t know when but I realized I no more had the joy which I cherished a moment ago. It was replaced by a weird distressing feeling that I became deaf to all the noise around me. I found it strange as there was no point she could have worked all day long to have a ten rupee note, which had some importance that time though today they are no less than just a parking fare for an hour. She would have begged whole day without having a grain or maybe she was enough lucky to find it somewhere on the road and thus decided to offer a mango treat to her children. Mangoes: something which they could only dream to have someday. She asked the vendor to give her whatever she could get in those ten rupees. There was no point that man would have paid enough attention to her and she could not even dare to have enough guts to ask for at least the value that money had. She left herself to the pity of that man, whom I hated from the very moment I saw him displaying his rotten fruit stall. I wanted to go to her and say that just choose for yourself you fool, don’t you know he won’t give you the best of them, as there were hardly any.

It seemed that because my hatred for him had to be justified, he tried his best by filling her packet with the most rotten and stale stuff he had among the worst. I wanted to go and choose at least the better ones for her. This was one way I could have felt peace and would have helped her and her children enjoy whatever least those mangoes had to present them. But I hated that I didn’t, as if somewhere I felt guilty and was caught by something that wouldn’t allow me to go. Or simply because I didn’t had enough guts to do that or was simply a coward? I wanted to tell my father as I knew he could have helped her but he would not hear me in that chaos, busy in paying for the best in the market. There was a strange contrast. A difference whose existence puzzled my instincts to seek for a solution, for that impossible balance which could have made a different world, a magic land that a child visualizes in the fairy tales. Still, they were all happy when she held the packet in her hand. They were a mannered family because they shared their happiness and waited patiently to find a peaceful corner to enjoy those mangoes; mangoes just for namesake. They had a joy on their faces. I could not interpret anything else from that moment or simply didn’t try any further. Whenever I find myself in such a dilemma I usually stop my thinking process and look around; just look being numb and keeping my five senses active only to stay alive, though while leaving the place, I did smell the sweet mangoes I had in my hands.