The Yellow Fields

Ever wondered why the yellow fields, blossoming on soft lush green stems, waving and breathing on a bright and warm summer day, makes you blissful?

It speaks of shackle-free escapes to the dreamy world. The freedom to feel it all within you; nothing but just the pure air seeping deep into your veins. There is everything you can leave behind, all that you carried buckled up in your bag of life. All the work and people, cares and problems, and that busy life which you so want to hate and still cannot. You are driving towards your destination but you pull off right away at that lonely spot on the highway; just because you can.

All you want is to take that first step in the greens. The sky is crystal turquoise, the mountains call you with their widest open arms, and it is all yellow; right there for you. It all can wait. You drop off your bag and do not turn around to watch it,  the way you normally would do for all your precious possessions are inside it.  You take the second step. in rejoice and eternal peace. You smell the rusty earth and the pollens all around you. You breathe-in deep to realize that it is all real; you are finally here! That is when no one can stop you from taking the third, fourth, fifth and all the following steps to go deeper inside until your heart is all soaked up with nature. The shiny petals of the blooming marsh marigolds; you feel their touch on your momentarily gentle fingertips because that is the most golden thing you have seen in a very long time. The harsh leaves do not bother you because there is plentiful beauty blinding your eyes and nourishing your soul. The colors mingle deep and so do you with them. You want to lay down and roll until that one gasp of a contended laugh finally escapes when your eyes meet the crystal sky. In that moment you realize that you are one with infinity, and it is this moment everything else leads up to.

Another inhale ensures you soak it up all; enough to know that you have all you ever wanted in this life. All you ever wished was is right here in your arms, just as is this alpine yellow field. So much you gave up and so much you risked for all but this one moment. Just one of those times when life is, indeed, beautiful.

This is all you need sometimes; this one moment in the yellow fields to give you the strength to face the reality. This one escape which can save you. This one deep breath to nourish your soul enough to make that flicker last just a little longer.

She had to save herself. And she had to do it now before it was all lost.

She had to write.


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