Sundown Thoughts

It is a beautiful scenery outside my window. Green trees with some orange leaves, adding a bliss to the golden evening, is a view that I once wished to see through my naked eyes. It gets cold here when sun falls down but during daytime when sun shines up on the sky, it is a soothing pretty weather;¬†warm with cool breezes blowing. And during such days when it is not raining, the evenings are just splendid. When falling sun’s rays fall on the trees, their leaves leave a golden glow, shining with those white clouds in the perfect background of the clear blue sky. And of course, a cup of nice brown coffee being sipped while sitting at the window and absorbing these beautiful revelations of nature, is all that you can wish for on some peaceful autumn days.
So what more can you wish for? This is a real tricky question I think. When you are given everything that you can ever dream of, all you can do is simply look up at the silent, calm and fresh blue sky and smile. This life, this world, then seems so beautiful. Every wish when it comes true, be it getting a scholarship to pursue your dream career and to study one of the most fascinating subjects or to write your all these thoughts with a beautiful fountain pen, these little and big wishes when come true justify your time on this earth and paint your life with all the colors that exist. So I smile, when I see my another wish of listening to some of my favorite numbers on Philips sound system coming true and then relaxing in peace. What more can you wish for but a simple, peaceful and just a beautiful Life!