A Dream with Ghosts of Einstein and Galileo!

One of the very interesting topics to discuss with friends when you want to chat for hours overnight and blabber about anything, just to kill time, is “Ghosts”. So questions arise, like “Do you believe in Ghosts?”, “Have you ever seen a Ghost?” “Any stories about ghosts if you know?”, ghost’s movies and all. Majority of times it is all a gossip, because we know that encountering a Ghost is near to impossible as their presence itself is not known. So it is a hallucination if someone says that he/she saw a Ghost. Anyway, this thing here is not a gossip as it’s about a dream that actually happened. Yes, dreams are real when they come in a deep sleep and when most of the times you are not aware of them happening. It was just another day when I went to sleep, with the only difference that I studied a bit of Physics after a long gap. Physics is like a stimulant to the nerves, because it activates your special sensors and takes you silently to a thinking and imaginative mode. Also, to point out before I go ahead, that day I was called by my teacher as “Alberta Einstein” in a kidding tone due to the subject I am going to pursue my PhD in. When it comes to Physics, Einstein is the first word that comes to people’s mind.  These are just small details that I think were necessary reasons for one of the strangest dreams I ever had.

The dream begins with a conference in which all the aspiring Physics’ students were participating, along with eminent physicists and researchers. Evidently, I was one of the participants here, super excited, with the passion for Physics over flowing in me, and in the dream! So there were all the big talks in the conference and discussions on some very fascinating subjects, for e.g., Cosmology, Astrophysics, General Relativity, SUSY etc. My mind, being in its highest energy state, was trying to absorb the most from the surroundings and as usual, it was a great pleasure quenching a deep thirst. At the night, as it usually happens in conferences and schools, everyone gathered for some more discussions and talks, about Physics and some random topics. The room was on the first floor of a big building,  with a small balcony on one side and a long alley on the other. The garden outside was dark and lonely, with the trees at the boundary slept and silent. There was no motion anywhere around, except the mumbling of words inside the only room filled with people. Lost among the discussions were all, when suddenly a white silhouette passed by the window of that big dark room, where just a small white lamp was burning in the corner to kill the darkness. The figure was easily identifiable due to the very familiar features to all those present there: the big messed, white, straight and erect hair on head, big brushy white mustache and a big German body in the English costume that we always saw in the pictures. But this time, it was all glowing white. Just in an instance we grasped that it was Einstein, probably his Ghost. But even that was enough for the nascent creatures there. What else could a student ask for if given a chance to meet one of the path breaking Physicists of the century who defined the greatness of the Human species. ‘Even his Ghost would reveal all the secrets!’, was what that everyone there assumed. We sprung from our places and ran out of the room, shouting in excitement to meet or at least have the glimpse of this strange structure. Definitely I was among those, running ahead of all, thinking about how to capture this greatest moment of my life. There were so many things boggling my small little brain, surging up from everywhere, that what can be the one question I can ask him; about a striking Physics problem or his passion for Physics, some motivation for us or about GTR. But the first thing was to see him with these real eyes, leaving the question to slip out of the mouth at that instance itself, whatever it would have been. We were just going to get hold of him, running behind his back in the alley, when that white structure seemed to notice all the chaos behind him, breaking the deadly silence that it would have favored. He turned around. The blood beating fast in my veins, chaotic blunders messing my brain, with the throat drying up and the last drops of moisture evaporating, with hands all wet, eyes wide and the mouth opened in awe, I saw him standing in front of me – the big white Ghost of Einstein. His eyes were staring right into mine. Before I could even come back to my senses to utter  a word, whatever it would have been, a sharp chill went down my veins shivering my whole body. It was scary like hell. Forget about Einstein, it was actually a Ghost, and Ghosts, of whoever they are, just scare out Humans. So I was standing in front of a Ghost!!! I was numb, with my throat choked.

The next thing happened that very instance was everyone shouting and running back to the room for our rescue with the maximum speed possible. Being the one ahead in the group to see the Einstein’s ghost, I was among the last in the rows of  running scared kids. It was freezing hell, running from a Ghost, running so fast to escape his grip and to save your tiny self out. But that Ghost, seemed least interested, just like a Physicist, to get hold of anyone of the stupid petrified creatures. Never mind, we just had to escape from that place anyhow. It was then when we were just going to enter that room, when in the alley at the other side of the entrance, we saw another white silhouette, wearing a long white cloak, with long hair and beard but shorter than those of Gandalf of the Lord of the Rings. At an instance, with no idea from where on this earth, it struck my mind that this was Galileo, in fact, his Ghost! Now this crossed the limit of madness and everyone screamed out of fear. I screamed too, aloud and involuntarily, due to the utter shock and fear that my mind bumped into. The next step was a big leap into that room, enough big to make the body weight disappear and I could feel the numbness spreading all over my muscles and blankness occupying my senses. My eyes opened in the dark room. I sat and my hands just went to pick up the bottle next to my bed, opening it fast. I drank till the bottom to wet my dried throat and to bring myself back to senses. I opened my eyes wide to make myself realize that this is my room and not the one from the dream. I was little scared because it was just a dream, but I was scared. I could not believe that I just saw a weird dream and in it met the ghosts of two greatest physicists of all times! “What the hell was that?” I sighed. I preferred closing my eyes and going back to sleep as the best thing to be done; to a deep sleep that blocks all the thoughts and even dreams. I closed my eyes that moment to forget that I saw an “Einstein dream”. I chuckled, thinking about my strange dream and wondering if this was the beginning of being  just another crazy Physicist, one among the numerous out there.