The Flow

It’s 12 by the clock. She tried but couldn’t sleep, getting used to this awakening of sleeplessness since she arrived in this new world. One could have many reasons to this, a disturbed bio-clock, short-nights in this land, a disrupted routine and of course some silly thoughts. Though she never had a disciplined one but a routine with flexibility was always there. It will be back on track again but the sooner it does the better it will be. Twenty minutes passed with the eyelids relaxing while opened in the dark, though dim lights of the lamp-posts between the trees in the café outside the window were maintaining a silhouette, enough to be seen through the night. The entire Universe was visible with all its clouds, stars and galaxies in a distant. If brain doesn’t thinks of a solution sometimes, the rest of the body seems to have taken the charge. A break from that posture, she rose and walked.

The room was dark and windows dim-lit but the footsteps were not visible. Slippers were making a rhythmic sound in the silence and the music was flowing within the block, somewhere in the distant land or maybe just in the dreams of the one sleeping beneath her apartment. Nothing mattered. It was a pleasure to have a walk in a dark room at the midnight, a soothing phenomenon which relaxed the nerves. But the trouble was still there. Why was this awakening here with no remedies? Plenty of solutions to adjust the body clock were there, still none fitted better. It happens. There was a big change. She was wondering if she has even given enough thought to this, that where was this life heading, a thought that made her precipitate. Keys were wet with the moisture but she is used to it. And now it seemed that the electronics have also adapted themselves to this and hence worked pretty well till now.

There are no thoughts anymore, a realization that everything is destined. No matter how hard you think or how hard you push, you can never run over this being which enchanted the entire universe that it now speaks only its language. So it’s all about Time and if this is the fact, it changes. As it changed for her and she realized. But at the same time, this Magus blocked her vision through the future. And now she wondered what she missed, and that what is gone was not very far from now. She thinks she’ll realize, but the fear screams aloud that she won’t.  But now it’s too late and thankfully she knows it. She is clever enough to find out the ways and even if she doesn’t know yet, it will teach her. She is not lost, as she never was. Just a break, just some more time and it will all be usual again, in her same old ways. It has all the powers and she realizes how it gave her that power too, silently. Again it was the dark room, a small lamp, the golden light and now, also a gleaming smile.