Illogical Reasonings

Here I am again, writing after a pretty long time. I had a real busy time in past two months with lot of stuff going on. To point out, my Holi was the most colorful it could ever be. To my surprise I could not believe that dreams do come true as they did. I smiled then when my blog-site’s title was justified once again. Soon I’ll be leaving India for a long period. I am happy about it and I should be as this was something in my list of life-time achievements. It’s happening at the right time, the right thing. So am at peace, awaiting all the excitement and adventure to explore. This time brought a perfect blend of feelings in my life: bit of nervousness, happiness, fears, confidence and strength. It’s great though.

I have stopped processing events from the past two years. I stopped wondering that why something happened and why something didn’t. I welcome everything now that comes in my way and cherish whatever I get from it as it always adds up to my Experiences. I won’t call it wisdom because the heart of this consideration of mine’ lies in my own inner peace. I now choose to think and do what makes me happy and contended. How successful I am in this is something I strictly avoid discussing because subjects of contentment and happiness force a seeker to ponder upon the spiritual ways which I restrain to discuss now. Sigh! Excuses. I detest excuses, especially when it comes to time. When we say we don’t have time to do something, we are lying because if we really want to do something we love, we can always do it and nothing can stop us from that. It completely depends on priorities, what you consider important. And in this busy lifestyle, where everyone is running to move ahead of time, we always keep our hobbies secondary with our first priority to the survival of our SELVES. But to keep up that “SELF” we need recreation. I was wondering that whether I am paying justice to my followers by not regularly updating my website. What if their expectations to read some good stuff were not fulfilled and they are forced to review their decision to get regular updates from me? This was a fool’s thing I thought of, as the best comes from nowhere on this Earth!

The reason I didn’t posted anything for so long was the perplexity in my thoughts. All those incomplete writings in my folder: some boggling through the delicacy of my dreams, some twisting the mind-bending phenomenas, some questioning the mere existence of life and some unraveling the mysteries of its Creator. The same old issues which bother every quester in this world but every time with a new perspective to them. I don’t write everything that I think of. Reason: I am not sure how just it is. Another excuse! Well, I simply want some areas to stay ‘terra incognita’ for this world. I favor this because this is how life rules: ‘Destiny never reveals itself until and unless the seeker walks to it’. I may sometimes sound weird, unusual and out of the so-called league to some people because I stick strongly to something I adore, be it my principles or preferences. This may become too wise for me but I am never ruling someone else’s territory. But if others don’t justify completely with the way I rule my world, it is simply because they haven’t been into it even once. This is one reason I never blame anyone for certain perceptions and conclusions they have about things and situations (including me) because if the complete truth is revealed, it is guaranteed on this earth that their paradigms will shift. And that is the most interesting part of the entire experience! One more thing to add to this which I learned is: never try to explain yourself to any other person. Those who know you, don’t want it and those who don’t, they won’t trust a word you’ll say. That’s why I hate tribunals as they are the abattoir for trust.

It is surprising when you have a long list of the names by which people describe you. Few of those words balance perfectly as antonyms to each other and this makes me laugh. It is then when I wonder whom the court of time will favor and how wise will be the justice, when I clearly know what the truth is. It will all be decided by the evidences and reasonings, which, in the end, will prove everything simply illogical.