Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, as celebrations are restricted for few, same is the case with this blog too. This is what in general the Valentine’s Day is defined as- a day when you bestow all the love in this whole world on that one person who has changed your life, a day that most people await, except a few who are not really interested to show their love or are “single”. Even this group is divided into two categories- those who are singles by choice and those who are by fate. It’s good if you belong to the first category. For those in relationships with their spouses or a special friend, this day is the sweetest day on this Earth. For the rest, who want to escape this one day from their lives, where was all this a few years back when there was no tradition of celebrating this day in India? Though no one will be convinced by this fact,frankly saying, I don’t even mean to. Still, if this is a trend in this era, let’s face it.  The first category of singles care less about this day, though there will be a few who will be waiting to change their status soon (too much hyped in Facebook!). The second ones, sadly, have no choice in present. Kind of funny as this reminds me of the show “Broken Hearts” on AIR FM Rainbow (92.7 MHz), hosted by my favourite Radio Jockey with a beautiful name Lovelein, around eight years ago. If it still would have been on AIR, I guess how many would be sticking to their radios today. But till that one moment of your life when you await your meet with your so-called “true love”, either you will sit idle or wonder whether to busy yourself with work or wander with your friends. If you have the second option, which is possible if your friends lie in your category, it’s good for you. Have fun with them. If you are not so lucky, concentrate on your work. And if you are so unlucky that it’s the hardest thing for you to do today, it’s time for you to have a check on yourself now.

First of all, to celebrate a day or festival, you better know what it is all about. The Valentine’s Day is all about “Love”, cultivating this magical and most beautiful feeling in your hearts and then sharing it. And if it is Love, it has a lot of definitions, right? There is no one definition for your “True love” or your “sweethearts”. It doesn’t define just one person in your life. They define a few more too. If possible, give a portion of your Love and this day to those who love you the most, your family, your siblings, and all of your friends. Your friends, who will kick you hard if you sit at the corner with a gloom face and will drag you out, failing all your efforts to stay indoors and will change your day, colouring it with their smiles, their stupid jokes and laughs. You love those guys, give a part of this day to them too. Just one friendship day or week is not enough to thank them for being your friends!

At last, where are you lost? What about that only person in this world who defines your world and your existence in it, the one who has all the responsibilities of loving and caring everyone else, the one who is so beloved and needed by those precious people all around? That only person: your “I”. On this wonderful day, your “I” is sad, hopelessly idle, and making your loved ones sad too. How come on this earth you forget that you need to love your “I” before loving anyone else? Cheer up and smile because you need to give all the remaining and bigger portion of your “Love” to your “I” today. You need to be happy, Love yourself and cherish your life on this earth. Discover what makes you happy and do that today. Nurture your loves, your love for music, your love for food and your love for books. Forget about this day, even this whole life is so little to love your “I”. Love gives you happiness and if you can generate this happiness in your own, with your own help and by loving your own “Self”, you won’t even make your “I” happy but the world around you will light up like stars gleaming and smiling forever. Sing aloud, listen to your favourite numbers, play your instrument, watch your favourite movies, get lost inside your beloved books and dedicate all this to your “I”. When it all ends in happiness, even if it is this one day, then why you just don’t begin with the end itself? It’s your time. Rise and live up your life. Because to say “I Love you”, one must first learn to say “I”. Happy Valentine’s Day!