The Reality

Nothing is permanent in this world. Only change is constant. Hate it or love it, it is the truth. Things change, people change, relations change, you change.  This life is a reality unknown to you. You may feel that what you experience is the truth and is real. Yes it is, but only for that moment. Experiences that you have, feelings and emotions that you cherish, you will wonder whether they are irrelevant because with time their meanings change. The truth, even if it is bitter to swallow, even if your mind doesn’t consent it, forget about bringing heart here, is that you are alone in this world. No matter how many people love you, how many care for you, how many hold on your failures or celebrate your victories, it is just for a moment which just came to pass away. Detach yourself from this world, from the shackles of emotions, if you want to live a worriless free life. What comes to you, just observe it,  and experience it in a way that you don’t keep its memories. Forget it next and move ahead in life.

I am independent from thoughts and emotions. I realized long ago that what we see is an illusion. I lived the reality. One day it seemed a hope appealed me to change. I changed and the world changed with me. It was ecstatic. But then a setback and I was brought where I started. I made a promise once to me, and I made it again, forever.  Experiencing this life is difficult if you wish to get its essence. It is cruel, it is ugly, and you won’t be able to bear its nakedness. It will come to you without a warning and will bury you deep inside. You will try hard and shatter your strength but you won’t come over it. You need to absorb it, slowly and it will sink deep in your blood and you’ll get used to it. It will be the most difficult part of your life but you will come to know what your life is. This life is not a fairy tale. I wonder what Einstein meant when he asked people to make their children read fairy tales. He should have told the truth straight.


A Confession

“Who is John Galt?”

It is obvious for some realistic people to know that the fictional character of a path breaking literature of the modern times is next to impossible to exist on this Earth because this world is full of the mediocre intelligence. Though exceptions are always celebrated, they leave remarks for those who at least know that there are no exceptions ever. This is not the only reason that Ayn Rand is one of my favourite authors. I appreciate her philosophy and formulate its some important ingredients into my ideas. Though she belonged to this world, I never came across anyone living her philosophy. I was just beginning to analyse why I am not of the common league when I realized that some definitions need to be altered. There is a far long way to go before I can actually see that a different world does exist. Till then, I have to accept where I belong to.

The characters of Ayn Rand resemble few of those who figure out “What” is wrong in this world and “That” has to be changed. It took a long time for me to adjust myself to reality when I came to know that what I felt is impractical. So I kept my words to me and never explained things to anyone else, because, it was never required. This made things simpler for me but the wisdom could not be neglected. So I decided to wait for the right time.

I was taken aback by an incident which proved that illusions are real. I have always heard people suggesting that belong to this world, accept what is given to you and do not try to be different. But it feels like my indomitable spirit was always mocking at those words, at those mediocre mentalities. I know what I am doing. I am making a fatal confession. But does this matter? For those who won’t get a word of what I have written, there is nothing to worry about. And for those who get what I mean, no explanation is required. But I was stunned at something actually expected. I don’t know (or frankly don’t want to know, as these emotions no more bother me) that whatever I saw was a sign of mockery or was an outcome of superiority or was a demonstration of reality but it did bring a sense of relief and satisfaction. It felt that people who love John Galt, do exist on this earth and there can be an Atlantis where all those can escape who belong to it. It was a sign which explained that sometimes unknowingly you discover that exceptions are created by the strong determinations of mediocre. Still, there is a long way to go but am happy at least; I am on the right path.

First Love

Do you believe in “Love at first sight”?

It’s strange. Yes, talking about such a subject is very peculiar when you are never expected to speak about this most tantalizing feature of the Human lives. But sadly, every person speaks this strange language at some point of their lives. I don’t consider it necessary but don’t even know whether you can escape it or not. And if you find someone talking about this strange thing on this earth, you figure out that this person has gone straight into the hole with his head up. But this certainly doesn’t means that time has come. How can you forget what Love is?

Love is something that drives you through your life. Without Love, your life is empty. You won’t smile, you won’t laugh, you won’t cry and you won’t even talk if you have never received or given Love. Of course, to verify this one will have to live a life without love. Well, every person is bound to it, even if unknowingly and thus Love guides our way till death and even after it, or simply till eternity. Our mother’s love for us is her love at first sight. Our father’s care for us is his love at first sight, even a lot more than that. Our siblings love for us is their love at first sight. Your best friend too is your love at first sight. So, even if you try hard, you can’t escape from this magic of love. This is the real magic. But generally we separate these Loves of our life from the main stream because these are the indispensable part of our lives. So we don’t take a single chance with them. I will do the same. I won’t talk about my dearest loves on this earth which were god’s gift to me and will talk about those who entered my life later with time and then became my identity.

My first “First love” is Music. I can live one day without eating food but not without music. It’s an indispensable part of me. I love it. If ever on this earth can complete you besides your own Self, I think it is this. I can’t even imagine lives without music. Guess, how those few music haters live.

Frankly speaking, I don’t have just one first love but a number of them. My second first love was Science and will be forever. I loved Science even before I knew the word. Curiosity is its Master. Those who are curious to know about their world discover Science. I was always asking questions, “Why?”, “How?”, “When?”. Most of the times, I got my answers. Even when they were able to satisfy me at that time, I later discovered the truth behind them myself. But the most unsatisfactory of all was “Why”. “Why do we have stars? Why do we have plants? Why do we eat? Why do we sleep? Why do we need switches to switch on these lights? Why is the sun up in the sky? Why moon comes at night? Why we can’t go up in the sky? Why we don’t have wings? Why we have to study? Why is this “Why” on this Earth?” Poor elders. They are bombarded by these “Whys” by the so called god’s loves, children. We love children because they love “Why”. And elders hate to answer them because they hate “Whys”. And they hate “Whys” because they are afraid to encounter the truth, because to know the truth of these “Whys” is impossible for them. They can’t tell this to their children because the moment they will, they will finish everything on this earth. Humans have to give up this “Why” at least at some point of their lives if they want to die with peace. Science is at least able to answer a few of those “Whys” and that’s why I love it.

I have one more love but I cannot call it the love at first sight because I hated it for a long time until I realized that this is actually what I needed the most. It’s Physics. I resented it for a long time because of its incomprehensibility due to some leftover confusion. Later, I realized that I won’t find my existence without it. I separated Physics from Science because for me it’s more than Science due to some very special reasons.

So these are my three loves. But I wonder that what the actual definition of love is. In the end, it’s only an emotion but so strong that it gets hold of you. How you deal with this emotion actually takes course of your life. Are we responsible for this emotion every time? I don’t agree with this completely. How can you ever on this earth know that what will you fall in love with? Even after marriage people spend years wondering whether they found their true love. How are you going to define true love? How come it is different from Love? Can we ever know that what this stupidest and strangest thing on the earth is which drives the whole world and the entire universe crazy? This is the biggest confusion the human kind is suffering from. When you yourself are struggling to find the meaning of your own existence on this earth, how can you rely on something so futile originating from another’s existence that is a mere creation just like you? This single thing on the earth drives one crazy. But life without love would definitely be hell. If love has no meaning, why does it change you from within? Why it makes life difficult for you? Why is it so difficult to forget it when you come to realize that it is as real as a mirage? This is a complete mess and it’s better to stay away from it. But the most important of all, bet yourself, you can’t stay away from this ever, at least not till death.