Entropy of the Rationale

The past few days have not been unusual for me. There were those similar thought processes which I encounter almost every day and nurture in order to make them more realistic and productive to me. In all the activities that I do, I incorporate my thought process, perform intellectual analysis and initiate or drive the results in the most probable and favoured direction. So the activities, to a certain extent, are under my control. This is what I personally believe based on my experiences and observations. Also, if I try to support my reasoning using history or philosophy, the desire or will of a person, which are the results of one’s own thoughts, are the only forces that control a person’s destiny. How far this is true actually depends on the strength of these forces. In the case of successful people with remarkable achievements, these forces played the lead role in their rise.

Every individual has his own philosophy, constantly developing with time based on the individual’s experiences and learnings. People may have a basic theme or few common intricacies for their philosophies but no one can purely have another’s viewpoint and if one does, he no more possesses individuality. Well, I didn’t thought a word about philosophy when I started writing this article but eventually I found that even if I will not focus on it, my discussion here is a result of its profoundness in my life. Yesterday, while reading one of the world’s famous science literatures by the renowned physicist of this century Dr. Stephen Hawking, I was caught again by a scientific term very familiar to my intellect due to its incomprehensibility and its penetrating and overflowing nature in the physical world around me which is “Entropy”. I referred to the “Physical World” which is governed by the physical laws studied by man but created by the nature itself and not to the “Nature” around me, only because I am not contented with the description of the second law of thermodynamics that entropy (disorderliness) of an isolated system always increases until it reaches equilibrium. I am not challenging any scientific law or observation at this stage but I am just pointing that it does leaves some questions unanswered and does not aligns with the general perspective. Here I would mention that most of the Physical laws which today form the basis of our existence were initially discarded by people because change of their well established traditional views shook the foundation of their idealistic establishment. So if I have some confusion regarding the second law it might be a result of the partial understanding by me or the system that I consider which, possibly, can be affected by philosophy.

The human body is a good example of increasing entropy with time. The increasing disorderliness of the body cells and tissues leads to the malfunctioning of the organs and ultimately the death of the organism. So in the biological human body, with time the entropy does increases. But if I consider the Human Mind, here, I guess this no more holds true. Talking about entropy in the human mind can be a bit irrational if we try to write the equations and try to solve the case for some accurate results. But let us consider entropy as a general disorder in arrangements of thoughts in mind. This sounds weird. The human mind is the unbeatable supercomputer which, with time, learns and organizes the experiences, improves with time and then superior thoughts are generated and processed. The Mind, constituting of the conscious and unconscious parts, is totally abstract. As I have excluded the biological functions which will definitely increase the entropy by dissipating energy here, we see no scope for any increasing disorder, until and unless the consciousness is affected by the degrading neurons with age and leads to mental diseases. Even if that happens in most cases, at least for a considerable time, the entropy seems to decrease.

As the Mind grows, we learn things. We have unlimited storage memory so we do not have to erase anything for saving the future incidents. That’s why the learning process in humans goes on till death. With time, the humans grow sensible and guide their thoughts which are much organized and fruitful. It can be considered that some entropy can result in order to unlearn the terrible experiences and though they actually develop the analysis power and decision-making element, it does increases entropy. But in general, the increase is much small as compared to the increasing orderliness. The thinking and the processing section uses most of the energy and is the main source of increasing randomness. But with meditation and control of thoughts, we can reduce the disorderliness to a much larger extent. Over all if we see, the entropy does decreases. There can be many flaws in this formulation and the corrections may lead to the validity of the second law even in case of abstracts, but the chance seems low to me.

Whatever I tried here was a result of reducing the sudden increase in the entropy of my mind which aroused after reading that whether the whole universe will expand or contract, the entropy will always increase. If Nature loves disorderliness so much that it will be satisfied only if a glass of water breaks and spills the water on the floor then why it tries to maintain a perfect balance of the forces so as to avoid the contraction of our universe, or maintains the balance of our atmosphere and weather cycles to sustain life on earth (as the current disorderliness we are observing in the temperatures are a result of what We did to this equilibrium), or why it tried to create the most developed and ordered Homo sapiens with the proper system that maintains equilibrium when it could have left the proteins and the molecules fragmented declining every possibility of life in the universe. The justification that we try to seek that nature loves increasing entropy is undesirable when we see perfect equilibrium being established around us. Or it may be that we haven’t reached the equilibrium yet, but when we will reach it, there should be no increase in entropy and if there is, it will be accompanied by decrease in entropy, because the Nature loves equilibrium. So the statement that “the entropy of the universe will keep on increasing forever” is not acceptable. There has to be a decrease in entropy and there has to be an order in the universe else our existence will be just an accident with no true significance. So there will be no scope for praising the human species as the most incredible creations of universe because it is just randomness, and I guess Nature doesn’t want a futile creation.