A Silent Conversation

…wait, let me relax. Oh, I am tired of playing with you now. Just a break and I’ll start again. Ha, it’s so fun! I am loving this.

“What are you doing? I’ve told you thousand times not to do this. Why don’t you listen? I’ve warned you that you’ll suffer a lot. You… you are so obstinate!!! Stubborn!!! I am bursting with anger. I … I just don’t know what to do. I can’t ignore you, I can’t do anything to you. I just don’t know what to do.

“Please. Please I beg you, don’t do this, please don’t. Why don’t you understand? I can’t bear this; I can’t go on with this. It, it breaks me down. It rips me off and leaves me shattered. If I am in pain then how can you look for your comfort, your happiness? It’s ridiculous! Don’t you get this? If you don’t care about me, you are harming yourself. Please, just understand me.

“Now listen. This is enough and it’s for the last time. Don’t do this again. And even if this time you dare to do it, I am going to stop you. Yes, me. Because  I am the one who controls you and it will be the reverse now. Do you get that?”

He’s quite. He’s calm. He listens. He listens to everything. But only listens .To call him stubborn, is not wrong. But he never argues, and why would he? He is his own master. He is always happy. He does what he likes. He’s lost. He’s lost in his own world. He’s the creator, and creates what he wants. He is satisfied. It’s not easy to make him do what he doesn’t love. It will be ruining his world, will give him pain and will make him cry. And this, she doesn’t want.

Ah!  What a weather! A sweet breeze. There it comes and, look, look there…. he’s going, he’s flying with the wind. Far away. Far away from that argument, far away from worries and far away from this world.

He enjoys everything. He’s fearless. He can go deep into the ocean and sleep for hours on the seabed, lost in dreams, sleeping deep inside a shell. He’s a pearl. Yes, he lives in fantasies. But that’s his world. And no one can say to him that his world doesn’t exist, because no one knows whether theirs is a real one or not.

He’s going high. High up in the sky, riding at the back of a pure white dove, touching its soft white furs. He plays with those chickens which are just so difficult for her to catch. You wait no moment and he’s there, floating in the Milky Way, sleeping on a bed of pure white light with the cutest stars asking him to play with them and laugh, to laugh so loud that the universe shakes and realizes his power which is greater than theirs.

He’s real and she, she watches him quietly. She knows he didn’t care about a single word she said because he was never here. She always did this but in the end, he is the one who wins. And if he loses, she will regret her victory forever. She knows that he is her master and will always be. Her tears dry up. She takes out some work to be done which doesn’t require his presence, and demands no brain. Leaving him alone where he was, she watches him quietly, willing to live his life, which will never be hers.